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Discografia Dragonforce

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Valley of the damned(2003)

1. Invocation of the Apocalyptic Evil
2. Valley of the Damned
3. Black Fire
4. Black Winter Night
5. Starfire
6. Disciples of Babylon
7. Revelations
8. Evening Star
9. Heart of a Dragon

megaupload.com/es LVBK45PY
Pass: www.posteando.com

rapidshare.com 01_-_Valley_of_the_Damned__2003_.rar

Sonic Firestorm (2004)

1. My Spirit Will Go On
2. Fury of the Storm
3. Fields of Despair
4. Dawn Over a New World
5. Above the Winter Moonlight
6. Soldiers of the Wasteland
7. Prepare for War
8. Once In a Lifetime
9. Cry of the Brave

megaupload.com/es 7B1M6EAT
Pass: www.posteando.com

rapidshare.com 02_-_Sonic_Firestorm__2004_.rar

Inhuman Rampage (2006)

1. Through the Fire and Flames
2. Revolution Deathsquad
3. Storming the Burning Fields
4. Operation Ground and Pound
5. Body Breakdown
6. Cry for Eternity
7. The Flame of Youth
8. Trail of Broken Hearts

megaupload.com/es RQ3TU2XZ
Pass: www.posteando.com

rapidshare.com 03_-_Inhuman_Rampage__2006_.rar

Ultra Beatdown (2008)


1. Heroes of Our Time
2. The Fire Still Burns
3. Reasons to Live
4. A Flame Of Freedom
5. Heartbreak Armageddon
6. The Last Journey Home
7. Inside the Winter Storm
8. The Warrior Inside
9. Strike Of The Ninja (Bonus Track)
10. Scars Of Yesterday (Bonus Track)
11. E.P.M (Bonus Track)

mediafire.com download.php?j1kzu10mqz0

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Re: Discografia Dragonforce

Mensaje por Metal Snake el Lun 26 Ene 2009 - 17:37

wena tremenda banda jano
sube d enuevo el ultimo porfa caduco el link
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